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How would you like more sales, subscribers and cash in your bank account from your existing visitors and subscribers?

And what if you could ‘set and forget’ the entire thing so that the profits roll in on auto-pilot forever… even while you sleep?

I’ll show you exactly how I made an extra $2070.90 with no extra traffic
but first I need to ask you an important question.

Does the thought of getting more traffic into your website and funnel make you want to rip your hair from your skull?

Guess what?  I don’t blame you!  Let’s face it…

Trying To Get Traffic For Your Business Is About As Fun Watching Grass Grow… In Winter… At 32 Degrees Fahrenheit. …Yuck!

Instead of grass, you’d probably rather watch extra zeros grow in your bank account, right?

How about slaving away writing 50 articles so you can generate new visitors?… not so much.

To make matters worse, it seems like every day there’s anew secret method selling you the “latest and greatest” new magic bullet to get eyeballs to your website.

Article marketing, SEO, Adwords, Facebook ads, JV deals, YouTube traffic, banner ads… the list goes on! Sure, you can get new leads into your business but it’s hard.

Trust me, I know exactly how you feel about trying to get more traffic to your website will little results. I’ve spun my wheels with average results before too!

But before you get too discouraged, I want to show you another way. A fun method that takes 5 minutes to set up and can help you make more profit from your EXISTING visitors and traffic streams.

Here’s How I Squeezed $2070.90 More Cash From My Existing Visitors Without Extra Traffic And Without Annoying The Heck Out Of Them With Pop Ups…

I’ve been a full-time marketer for 8 years now. In that time, I’ve created and launched 40+ products and sites. I’m married with 3 kids—2 boys and a girl and have an MBA from New York University.

I love marketing, but more than anything I love to ground my business in REALITY.

Like a mad scientist, I sift through my business with a fine-tooth comb and back up my claims with solid-proof.Tried and tested methods.

So here’s the experiment I conducted… Sick and tired of always chasing more traffic, I developed special software to run behind the scenes of my business.

In my simple test, I got some absolutely awesome results

How Would You Like To Double Your
Profits With Zero Extra Traffic?

Look, like you, I’m a realist.

You DO need more traffic in your business. It’s a necessary evil that you have to step up to the plate and become your own boss and live a life of freedom.

But it’s not fun…

So, what if you could double, triple or even quadruple your profits from your existing subscribers, visitors and customers right now?

What would an extra $300, $500 or $1000 mean for you and your lifestyle?

Imagine… You wake up and log on to your computer at 10am. Opening your email account, you see 15 new order notifications in your inbox. Triple what you usually get. And now, it’s possible.

Introducing… the WordPress Autopilot Profit Software “Conversion Miner”

In less than 5 minutes, you could be using Conversion Miner to squeeze every red cent out of your website… all on autopilot.

Conversion Miner maximizes the chance of catching your visitors’ interest, providing them more offers and making more sales.

Listen, every single visitor that hits your page is PRECIOUS.

Once your visitor is gone, chances are, they aren’t coming back. Bottom line, Conversion Miner helps you suck 100% value from every single visitor that lands on your page, like a vacuum on steroids.

Here’s just some of the ways you can use Conversion Miner to extract more value from each visitor with THE SAME traffic:

  • Sell more products and services from the same traffic
  • Add more subscribers to your list from same traffic
  • Earn more affiliate commissions from the same traffic
  • Hyper-target your visitors to give them a wow experience
  • Reduce bounces and unsubscribes and keep visitors happy
  • Build better relationships and more trust with visitors
  • Get more affiliates to join and promote your products
  • Monetize and make money from every WordPress page you have
  • Boost conversions by giving prospects exactly what they want

Here’s How It Works In 3 Simple Steps:

STEP 1 – Your visitor takes an action on your webpage (clicks a link, fills out a form, etc.)

STEP 2 – They see whatever page or content they want, WHILE silently in the background another offer or webpage of your choice quietly opens in a new tab.

STEP 3 – When they’re finish reading the content they wanted, they close the tab and the 2nd offer or webpage takes front and center stage.

In other words, your visitors see TWO pages of content instead of one. One laser-target and relevant page after the other.

(you will see the linked page first, then close that tab and you'll see the Conversion Miner page!)

Your Visitors See TWO Pages of Content Instead of One…2X the Subscribers, 2X the Sales, and 2X the Commissions Automatically

and Conversion Miner doesn’t use annoying popups, exit pops, redirects, or other intrusive gimmicks that block your visitors’ view and force them to click…

it works totally in the background and is silent and invisible to visitors until they leave the first page.

Plus, you can set up a different offer for every single link and button on your page.

Here’s a demonstration to make things clear…

5 Reasons “Conversion Miner” Is Leaps-and-
Bounds Ahead of Pop Up and Other Tools…

Keeps Visitors Happy - Conversion Miner loads a second tab in the background. Its discreet and visitors don’t see anything until they leave their current tab in their web browser. Pop ups, alerts, and redirects invade your visitor’s space and interrupt what they’re doing. They are annoying and make visitors want to leave even if they're interested. Keep your visitors happy with subtle tailor-made offers.

Doesn’t Get Blocked By Web Browsers - your juicy offers appear in front of your readers 100% of the time. Conversion Miner uses breakthrough technology that doesn't get blocked.  Pop ups get blocked by all modern web browsers. Even sophisticated pop-ups still require readers to click the ‘stay on this page’ button to see your second about lame..

Unique Hyper-Targeting Technology - set each link and button on your website to open a different opt-in, offer, or affiliate page depending on what your visitor is interested in. For example:

* If they click on an article titled “10 Tips To Find The Perfect Running Shoes” you could load an offer in the background tab taking them to your Amazon affiliate link for a pair of sneakers you recommend.  They buy what they want, and you earn commissions.

* If your visitor hits the “sign up” button to your newsletter with “Tips To Build an Massive Email List” you could open a background tab with your affiliate link for a popular autoresponder. They buy what they want, and you earn commissions.

See how the possibilities are endless?

With 'old school' pop ups and redirects you can only have ONE pop up per webpage. It’s a shotgun approach. No precision.  You’re forced to show a generic offer and if you guess wrong your visitors click away and you've lost your chance to make money.

Conversion Miner works at link-level so you can set a different offer for each link on the page.

Easy To Set Up -  setting up Conversion Miner is a snap. In five minutes you’ll have your first page ‘mining’ visitors for gold. It’s point and click. If you can copy and paste you can use Conversion Miner. I’ve also added step-by-step video instructions so you can watch over my shoulder how I set up the entire thing. Its super easy. And if you’re still stuck? You can shoot us a support ticket and we’ll help get you up and running.

Runs On Auto-Pilot - set-it, forget-it. Spend five minutes, set up the software on your website and watch it bring in more sales, commissions and subscribers until you turn it off. (And why would you do that, right?) You’ll have the opportunity to make more money even while you sleep.

  • Make 400% More Profit

    Make up to 400% more profit from every website and webpage

  • 5-Minute Setup

    get up and running and making more in just 5 minutes

  • No Tech Skills Required

    Sets up like any plugin with no tech skills needed

  • Runs on Wordpress

    Works on any WordPress site with virtually any theme

  • Zero Extra Traffic

    Works with no extra traffic or visitors needed

  • Set-n-Forget Technology

    Set it up once and it works on 100% autopilot

  • No Popups or Redirects

    No old-school popups and redirects that annoy your visitors

  • Hyper-target Prospects

    Visitors choose what they want to see and target themselves for you

  • Runs in Background

    Technology works silently in the background

  • 3-Domain License

    Use on up to 3 domains and unlimited pages

  • Link level targeting

    Customize the Miner page that shows on a per-link basis

  • 1-Click Autolinking

    Setup Miner link presets and apply them with 1 click

Give Yourself an Instant Pay Raise!

You’ve spent months of your blood, sweat and tears getting traffic to your website. Doesn’t it make sense to DOUBLE the chances of visitors buying your products or signing up to your list?

Once they leave your website, they are NOT coming back.

This is a no-brainer investment: You spend 5 minutes setting up the choices for each link on your website and you can make up to 4X (4 TIMES) the amount of money from the same traffic.

It’s a win-win.

Without Conversion Miner you’re letting cash slip through your fingers.

But wait!

Don’t Decide Now! Just Say “Maybe” And
Test Drive “Conversion Miner” For 30 Days…


30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Give Conversion Miner a try risk-free.  If at any time within 30 days you don’t feel it’s worth 10 TIMES your investment for any reason, just submit a ticket at our support desk and we’ll deactivate your software and refund 100% of your money…no questions asked!

It’s that simple…you either LOVE Conversion Miner or you don’t pay.



My Promise: Try out Conversion Miner and I guarantee you’ll make more money from your website. If you don’t make back your investment in new sales, within 30 days, I’ll issue you a full refund. (I’ll even eat my own hat if you want.)

Just submit a ticket at my support desk and we’ll deactivate your software and issue you a full refund.

No hard feelings. No questions asked.

Sound fair?

How Would You Like To Add $50, $100 Or Even $1000 Of Extra Income For 5 Minutes Work?

[√] Yes Brett! I want to squeeze every single dollar out of my website pages, maximize profits and make more money while I sleep.

You’ll get instant-access to the software and video instructions to get up and running right now. In 10 minutes from now, you could be making 5…10… or even 20 more sales each and every day, all on auto-pilot.

Click the order button below to get started immediately.

But hurry! The low investment is only an early-bird special launch price available for a limited time. Afterwards, the price will return to its regular price.

Click the order button below to get started!…

  • INSTANT ACCESS to download the software, watch the training videos and get started in minutes
  • 3-domain license to use on any 3 domains you own
  • Step-By-Step Video Training
  • Bonus “How To Setup a $100,000 Internet Business in 8 Weeks” training
  • Full 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee
Conversion Miner

Order NOW and I’ll throw in this EXTRA BONUS – a $299 Value. Grab a front-row seat to the online training event of the year–“How To Setup a $100,000 Internet Business in 8 Weeks” where I walk you through it step-by-step…

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Conversion Miner

Your Partner in Success,

P.S. Remember this auto-pilot software (five-minute set-up) helps you extract more money and subscribers from your existing traffic. This could be 5, 10 or even 20 more sales for you per day. But hurry because the introduction offer is for a limited time only.  After, the price returns to its usual full price.

P.P.S. Also remember: You are backed my generous guarantee. When you order today you order risk free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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